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According to first findings
Alert chains in preparation
Billing methods
Body of publisher in trash can
Bombing range opponents
Chancellor brings the distrust
Critical level in the economy
Court life
Emergency plan
Everybody against everybody
Extremism on a divine mission
Factory farming obliges
Highest honor for the president
House wall
Incomprehensible race
Kissdovery landing delayed
Marktel gets the Pope
Medics want more money

Nine eleven
Offended in snack bar
Panic at the beach
Patrol car crew attacked
Praised by authorities
Record number of descendants
Scandal at the Alpha Foundation
Search success
Soccer: Red against Black
Television institution
Television snake
The lifeguard decided
The new order office
Tooth comes back to the place
Unemployment problems
Virtual weapon games on the rise
Who with whom?
You have won

PLOT : The study of the intertwined Alpha and Beta society is not yet an exact science. It represents rather the sum of the experiences made by the Alphas. From this it follows that additions and changes are not only possible, but even necessary, if other new knowledge is gained. The research of the Alpha community can only be kept as complete and up-to-date as possible if all interested circles cooperate continuously. All Alphas hereby ask for this cooperation. Every suggestion and every case from practice, if possible with picture material, sketches and texts are very welcome. The investigation of the Alpha Society and its expedient implementation in practice should help to preserve the life of the Alpha Community. But it should also help to make the inevitable Beta-intrusions into public life as smooth and sparing as possible. The present contributions want to serve these big goals and these goals should also be served by the requested cooperation, because the Betas want to regulate everything.

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