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EACH AGAINST EACH. Because of too loud music the alpha officers were alarmed in the night into an alpha house. When the officers opened the front door of the apartment building around one o'clock, the loud music already resounded unpleasantly to them. When the officers arrived on the 2nd floor, they met in the hallway the tenant Alphas, which refused to give their personal data. A scuffle ensued. A tenant-alpha punched the alpha commissioner in the face, whereupon the latter used her irritant spray against the tenant-alpha, which, however, had no effect. House alpha guests also tried to pull the tenant alpha back into the apartment and threw a bottle in the direction of the two officers. In the resulting scuffle, one tenant-alpha injured himself and suffered a laceration above the eyebrow. With the help of a witness, the bottle thrower, also a house alpha, was identified. This was released after an identity determination and voluntary breath alcohol control still on the spot. In the meantime alarmed ambulances took over the first care of house alpha which had suffered eye irritations and took the tenant alpha as host for stationary treatment into a hospital. Subsequently, she was treated in the Alpha custody for identification. The officers made misdemeanor charges as well as charges of assault, resistance and trespass. As a result, two house alpha appeared on an alpha section yesterday afternoon and filed charges of assault in office against the two alpha officers.