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WHO WITH WHOM? During the check of two young Betas early this morning in a residential building, several, apparently of the same mind, helped the two to evade the Alpha measures. Around four o'clock, the Alpha policemen were alerted to several cases of damage to property. When the Alpha officers entered the apartment building, the two suspects approached them. Several Betas, apparently from an establishment located on the first floor, assisted the two Betas by surrounding the Alpha officers. The Betas managed to retreat into the pub, which was then locked from the inside. Zolipists called in to assist gained access to the location and discovered one of the suspects to the property damage committed. Before being apprehended, betas attacked the forces and freed one beta. About 20 betas fled from a window in the process. 20 other betas still in the premises were checked. Investigations were initiated for aggravated breach of the peace, assault, resisting arrest, and beta extrication. Four Alpha officers were slightly injured during the altercation.