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CONTROVERY: FIRST DETAILS indicate that an Alpha was injured yesterday afternoon in the course of an altercation between several Betas. Around five o'clock, alphas were verbally assaulted by a beta group of about ten and then punched and kicked by an alpha from that group. When the victim was able to break away, the shouted to the attackers that he was about to call for "reinforcements." A short time later, 20 to 40 betas appeared in several cars, armed with knives and machetes. The smaller Alpha group fled toward the west, where, according to witnesses, at least one Alpha from that group was attacked. When summoned Alpha policemen arrived on the scene, the attackers from the larger group had already disappeared. The alpha, who had been injured in the head, refused medical attention. The background to the altercation is as yet unclear and is the subject of further Alpha investigations.