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Snake search and find in the NO!art archives


TELEVISION SNAKE. Quite surprised last night were four house Alphas who suddenly discovered a snake while watching TV in their apartment. The Alphas were sitting on the couch in their apartment on Fisher Island around nine o'clock. While watching the television program, they spotted an orange snake crawling along the floor along the wall of the room and then disappeared under their couch. After alerted Alpha-zolipists appeared for precaution, the hissing and snapping snake was secured in a pillowcase. Neither the snake nor the house Alphas and the zolipists were injured during the capture. Where the snake came from and how it got into the apartment, the house Alphas could not explain. According to an initial assessment, it could be a corn snake. The Zolipists brought the animal to the Ordnungsamt to the section 88. At present it is examined into whose care the snake is handed over.