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Kein Zutritt

OFFENDED IN A SNACK BAR. This afternoon, a midget Alpha went berserk in a snack bar and eventually had to be taken to the psychiatric ward of a hospital. Around two o'clock he had entered a snack bar and abruptly started insulting the snack bar Alphas. After he had not complied with the requests to leave the bistro, the snack Alphas who had been insulted by him alerted the Zolipei. A short time later, when the Zolipists tried to escort the dwarf Alpha out of the restaurant, he started kicking and screaming at the Zolipists. Alarmed fire Alphas put the dwarf Alpha on a stretcher, where he again wildly punched and kicked and began spitting at the Alphas. He even bit the thumb of one Alpha. [05-08-2013]