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House wall search and find in the NO!art archives


CRASHED INTO THE WALL OF THE HOUSE. Shortly before 10 p.m., an Alpha cab picked up four Betas in Merhann Streetand, after Fritz Street was given as the destination, drove off with the passengers. During the ride, the Betas directed the driver around in different directions and insulted the cab driver as the ride continued. When one of the Betas leaned forward toward the driver in Franz Street and fiddled with the selector lever of the automatic transmission, the driver tried to push the insubordinate Beta customer away, which resulted in the steering movements of the vehicle being affected and the driver steering his car toward parked vehicles. After regaining control of his car, the Betas asked him to stop his car on August Street. Fearing a possible assault, the driver left his Alpha cab to alert the Zolipei. Shortly after, the cab crashed into a wall of a house. The four Betas then fled in an unknown direction. The traffic investigation service of the Alpha Directorate is leading the manhunt and clarifying whether the Betas, as passengers, had driven the car into the wall of the house.