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BILLING METHODS The Alpha Criminal Investigation Office is currently receiving an increasing number of reports of alleged bargain offers from out-of-town Alphas. They drive around in residential areas, ring the doorbell and promise, for example, to repair the roof of a family house immediately for a small price of 500 coins. The Alpha had previously ausbaldowert the location for the operation. The building materials are also brought immediately and the work begins. A written contract is not concluded. However - if it goes after completion around the payment - suddenly a sum is required, which is around a multiple higher (in a case it was 14,000 Coins). If the mostly older house Alphas refuse, the roof Alphas are not squeamish and use force to lend weight to their demand. The threatening pressure that is built up leads the house Alphas to see no other option but to pay. This goes so far that the perpetrators drive the victim themselves to an Alpha bank and take the coins right there when they are withdrawn.