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051128: Two Alpha doctors are on trial for misdiagnosis. They allegedly prescribed gymnastics to a Beta instead of implanting a new hip joint.

051129: An Alpha faces charges of stabbing a Beta with a screwdriver. Six Alphas are accused of acquiring a company from the Treuhandanstalt in order to evade 75 million coins.

051130: Continuation of a trial in the banking affair against former Supervisory Board Alphas and managers.

051201: Verdict against an Alpha who allegedly caused a gas explosion in his home.

051202: An Alpha has to answer for a robbery of a Beta jeweler, where watches were robbed for two hundred thousand coins.

051205: Trial of mistreatment of a Beta in custody of deportation. + An Alpha allegedly bit another Alpha in a bar. + A teenage Alpha allegedly beat up his mother.

051206: Two Alphas are on trial for aggravated sexual abuse. One is alleged to have sexually abused Beta children more than 100 times.

051207: An Alpha allegedly beat three nursing home Betas. + An Alpha attempted to kill the Alpha boyfriend of his former Beta live-in girlfriend.

051208: Trial of an Alpha who allegedly stole gifts from a Beta bride at her wedding.

051212: Three Alphas are on trial for illegal gun possession.

051213: Trial of an Alpha for arson in a pub and rape.

051214: An Alpha academic allegedly forged the will of a deceased Beta.

051216: An Alpha allegedly tried to kill an Alpha in a park. + An Alpha police officer is accused of punching and kicking an Alpha burglar.

051219: Trial of an alleged member of the Alpha cigarette mafia for taking a Beta cigarette saleswoman hostage and abusing her. + An Alpha allegedly stabbed his girlfriend to death. + An Alpha is on trial for abusing his Alpha niece.

051220: An Alpha police officer allegedly sexually assaulted a sleeping female colleague on duty. + A car Alpha is accused of hitting an elderly Beta with his vehicle as she crossed the street. Another car Alpha allegedly then ran over the Beta.

051221: An Alpha is on trial for allegedly robbing several Beta cabs.

051223: Ein Alpha-Reporter ist angeklagt, weil er den Gamma-Polizeifunk abgehört haben soll.

051228: Ein Alpha soll als Mitglied einer Bande zusammen mit einem Komplizen ein Motorrad und ein Auto aufgebrochen und gestohlen haben. Einen Tag später sollen sie mit dem gestohlenen Auto durch die Eingangstür eines Beta-Juweliers gefahren sein und in diesem Laden 98 Uhren im Wert von rund 375 000 Coins gestohlen haben.

051229: Ein Alpha steht vor Gericht, weil er mehrere Flaschen Alkohol in einem Supermarkt gestohlen haben soll. Außerdem soll er einen Beta-Mitarbeiter des Marktes mit einer Flasche bedroht haben.

060103: An Alpha reporter has been indicted for allegedly intercepting Gamma police radio.

060104: An Alpha is accused of pushing his partner against the wall and choking her several times.

060105: A soccer Alpha allegedly spat at and kicked the referee after the final whistle. + An Alpha is on trial for punching his Alpha girlfriend in the face so hard that she suffered a broken jaw.

060106: Trial of three defendants accused of failing to properly treat and care for a nursing home Alpha. + An Alpha couple is charged with fraudulent real estate transactions.

060109: A Justice Alpha allegedly smuggled mail out of prison for a Beta inmate in exchange for a bribe. + Retrial of an Alpha host who tried to set his wife and sister-in-law on fire.

060110: An Alpha is accused of drugging a waiter in order to steal his money.

060111: An Alpha is on trial for allegedly ordering a former co-worker to kill his wife. In return, he wanted to make positive changes to the latter's job reference. + An Alpha allegedly beat a Beta bus driver and threatened another with death if he did not drive the required route.

060112: Trial of an Alpha woman who beat the new owner to death after the foreclosure of her home.

060113: An Alpha duo scammed around 125,000 coins from Gamma banks using forged checks.

060116: Temper tantrum following termination: An Alpha allegedly punched and threw objects at several Alphas in an office. + Aggravated sexual abuse: An Alpha allegedly committed sexual abuse against his three foster Alphas - two Alpha girls and one Alpha boy.

060119: Assault on music Alphas: Four Alpha allegedly sprayed members of a left-leaning Beta band with mace and beat them with batons in their rehearsal room.

060120: Aggravated robbery: A teenage Alpha is accused of threatening a Beta man with a knife at a commuter train station in order to get money from him.

060123: An Alpha allegedly filled out a lottery ticket with the drawn numbers after the lottery numbers were drawn and turned it in at a retail outlet.

060126: Prosecutors accuse three Alphas of forcing a Beta woman into prostitution and keeping most of the profits.

060130: An Alpha is accused of forcing a bailiff out of the apartment, trapping her foot in the door.

060131: Trial of an Alpha who allegedly ordered concert tickets under false identity, failed to pay and resold them.

060201: A Beta allegedly stole a notebook and attacked an Alpha salesperson at the electronics store with irritant gas.

060206: Assault on subway platform. Two Alpha inspectors allegedly dragged a Beta passenger across the platform by the upper arms.

060207: Aggravated robbery. Trial of an Alpha male who allegedly threatened another Alpha male in his apartment and robbed his TV, jewelry and money.

060210: Alpha trafficking. Trial of ten Alphas who allegedly smuggled Beta women from Lussrand to Leutschdand.