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KISSDOVERY LANDING DELAYED. The space shuttle KISSDOVERY was scheduled to land at the spaceport HERE at four o'clock 46 local time today. Space officials woke the Alphas, who were asleep in the WE space station, this morning. "We are looking forward to coming home," the Alpha commander said in a radio message after the wake-up call. The Alpha astronauts thus then began preparations to leave their orbit at an altitude of 354 kilometers. The critical moment of the Alpha return flight is the entry into the Earth's atmosphere, because it brings back memories of the disaster three years ago. At that time, the previous space shuttle burned up on entering the Earth's atmosphere due to a defect in the heat shield. All seven Alpha astronauts on board lost their lives. There are also several minor damages to the KISSDOVERY, which had been visiting the WIR space station for almost two weeks in space, but according to the Alpha Space Agency, they cannot be dangerous during landing. "The KISSDOVERY is in excellent condition," the Alpha commander said yesterday in an interview broadcast to Earth. Earlier, the crew had checked the flight control systems on board and used a notebook to practice the landing maneuver. An ex-Alpha astronaut explained, "The Alpha crew must swallow salt tablets before re-entering the Alpha atmosphere. This is to prevent all the body fluid from sinking into the legs due to the effects of gravity." - Due to bad weather, the landing was then postponed until six o'clock 22 local time and is now completely canceled for today, the Alpha Space Agency announced. The landing of the Alpha space shuttle KISSDOVERY at the spaceport HERE is now scheduled for tomorrow. The reason for the change of date is the continuing bad weather in the Earth's atmosphere.