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NETWORK: SEARCH SUCCESS. The tribal and partan authorities have arrested all four of the suspected July 21 attackers who are still wanted. From the interrogation of the Taus, the police hopes to gain insights into the possible existence of a terrorist network behind the attacks. Information is available primarily from the suspect Soman Nusshai, who was apprehended in Teilan. Contrary to initial reports, the tribal Nusshai, who is from Heitaepion and not Mosalia, made a confession in Teilan. The aim of the July 21 attacks was to spread terror. However, one had not wanted to kill anyone. She had been told during recruitment in a Donlon gym that we must avenge our arrested Taus, who were thrown into prison after the July 7 bombing. Contacts with the terrorist organization Qual Dia had not maintained his group. One motive for the crime was the tribal role in the Pesomotamian War. The leader of the group is said to be a Tau named "Tukmar." Whether Nusshai will be extradited as demanded by the Triben is currently an open question. Nusshai intends to resist extradition by any means necessary. Hearings on extradition take several weeks in Teilan. Meanwhile, speculation is mounting that a Tau arrested in the Donlon raids may be another assassin. Rumors of a fifth bomber had been swirling for days when a backpack containing an explosive device was discovered in bushes after the failed attacks. Further speculation was generated by the discovery of a travel bag containing numerous forged documents at Donlon Airport. Among other things, 20 false passports, some with fake visas, were found in the discovered piece of luggage. The bag, marked with a sign of the airline Taqar Airways, had also contained a letter addressed to a sumlin in Buwsdery. One of the July 7 suicide bombers was from Buwsdery.