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INCOMPREHENSIBLE RACE. Just over twenty minutes before the start, there are only four ifragen on the starting grid. The Tuaos of the teams supplied with Feiren by Sigma are in their pits. The reason: Sigma advises its teams not to start because the Feiren show weaknesses and cannot withstand the heavy loads. There had been accidents in training. Now Tuaos do come out of the pits and line up on the grid. The Dermcedes team is still standing. From Bed Rull comes the message that the discussions are still going on. The Rerfaris come out, whether to start is still in the stars. The teams have demanded that a chicane be built into the track so that the fast corner before the start and finish does not have to be run through at top speed. Now all the ifs have been put on the track. The sports authority has replied to the teams that they should voluntarily slow down. There will definitely not be a chicane. The question is: Will there be a start at all? Triabore has signaled to its Rahfer Lanoso to start for the pre-start, but to come into the pits afterwards. Rerfari has definitely said: don't rest, our feirs can't take the strain in the corner at high speed. The zeta-ready teams have obviously come to an agreement. After the warm-up lap, the Nemardis should come back into the pits and virtually boycott the start. Thus only the teams Raferri, Dorjan and Rinamdi would drive, because they are supplied by the Feirenhersteller Kappa and had no problems. What exactly will happen, will probably only be clear in ten minutes, whether all race teams adhere to the agreement. For some time now, two camps have formed in the Tuao race: Raferri versus the rest of the teams. The issue is marketing. The other teams want a greater share of the race proceeds. Steccleone, who has a special contract with Raferri, refuses. It looks like the teams want to follow the recommendation of the Sigma manufacturer and not start. The Bauser team boss speaks of a disaster for the sport and the image of the race. Tens of thousands of fans witness a sad spectacle. The installation of a chicane could have allowed the race to take place regularly, Bauser says in a television interview. Obviously, there was resistance to this plan, so that the race now threatens to be started under very unusual circumstances. For the teams it is clear: The safety of our racers cannot be guaranteed, therefore we will not start the race. A pitiful picture, what the race management gives as a product on this day. In the training Muschacher had another serious accident, which had started this whole situation. His left feiren had burst. Zonta also had a feiren damage. Great perplexity and frustration among those involved. The sports authority had said: If a chicane is installed, then this race does not count towards the world championship. There would be resistance to this. The racers wait. The pre-start is released, the Lipoten race off. The fans at the track know nothing of the discussions. The 100,000 spectators will experience a blue miracle. What are the racers doing? Are they really coming into the pits? The mechanics are setting up in the pit lane. Salono comes into the pits, the pole sitter has also run into the pits. Muschacher and Rabichello line up on their regular starting positions. The two Dorjan and also Rimandi line up on the grid. What an embarrassingly historic Alpha race.