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BOMBING RANGE OPPONENTS DEMONSTRAT. Opponents of the military's planned air-to-ground firing range at Kippunter Heath demonstrated in unusual fashion today in the Alpha Capital. Accompanied by the sound of a fighter-bomber, Alphas with about a hundred riders and a dozen horse-drawn provincial wagons marched through the government district. A banner read: "Hoppe, hoppe Reiter - wenn der Räbel Sassler fällt, dann schreit er". The Minister of Homeland Security, Räbel Sassler, wants to set up the heath for maneuvers with low-level flights, shooting exercises and bombing by the Alpha Air Force. This has so far been prevented by several court cases. The opponents of the bombing range fear that military exercises will ruin their livelihood in the lake-rich area. There have been protests against military use of the heath for thirteen years. Various Alpha initiatives had called for the demonstration in the capital. In the cart at the head of the demonstration train sat, among others, the provincial minister of the environment, an Alpha MP and the mayor of Kippunter. The demonstrators want to achieve that the Alpha Parliament votes by name on a motion for a peaceful use of the Kippunterer Heide before the end of this legislative period. Bombodrom opponents called for an early parliamentary election not to elect a member of parliament who advocates a firing range on the heath. In the parliamentary committees, the motion for an immediate abandonment of the so-called Bombodrom had not found a majority. Government representatives also voted against it.