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DEATH BY WELFARE WITHDRAWALS. When it became known that a sick Alpha had been found starving to death in a high-rise building four months ago, the head of the Alpha parliamentary group accused the Alpha social senator of "not having her authority under control". The senator, in turn, let it be explained that her agency had "nothing to do" with the case, because mentally ill Alphas are cared for by the district court. The Alpha social expert then submitted an inquiry to the Alpha Senate to get to the bottom of the matter. The answer now reveals that the Alpha had not been paid any social assistance by the social welfare office since September, three months before her mummified body was found. Because the responsible person assigned to it by the district court had asked specially to wait with the disbursement, until the contact is again manufactured. According to the Senate's answer, the Alpha social worker had been trying since July to reach her Alpha client, since a court expert was to clarify whether the care that had been ordered for six years was still necessary. When Alpha, who suffers from schrozophenia, then appeared at the social welfare office in August, she was "urgently requested" to contact her caregiver in order to "ensure the continued payment of social welfare beyond August". But this did not happen. The Alpha social welfare office contacted the caregiver again in November to ask whether the money should be paid. It is not clear whether Alpha was still alive then, as the Senate cannot provide a date of death. A week later, the caregiver filed a missing persons report, which led to the body of the starved Alpha being found. "So there was an interaction here between the caregiver and the social services department," concludes the Alpha social expert, who now wants to clarify in a new inquiry whether social assistance is blocked more frequently for the mentally ill. Further it surprises that the time of death is to be unknown, which would be criminally determinable. For the Alpha social expert it is besides certain that the Alpha Sozialsenatorin carries the responsibility. Thus the social offices are subordinate to their specialized supervision, in addition their authority selects the responsible persons. The Alpha authority itself explained yesterday, the reproaches of the Alpha social expert are "incomprehensible". When asked about the consequences, they simply said that they were examining whether "doubts" about the suitability of the Alpha supervisor were justified.