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UNEMPLOYMENT SUPPORT PROBLEMS. The Alpha without a job is a private, domestic subject who is largely cut off from social exchange. In order to be spatially mobile, even in the immediate vicinity, he has a whole 69 coins per day for a ticket, and the cultural consumption he is allowed (126 coins for this daily) is used up with a halfway decent newspaper. If he saves this need for information for the week, it will be enough for a trip to the movies. But then he quickly goes home, because even the pub around the corner has nothing to offer for 35 coins. And with 437 coins for food and drink, he can only nibble on goods from the lowest shelves, day after day. The average earnings of an Alpha worker are 37,600 coins.

The standard benefits amount to 3450 Coins per month
and are divided into the following "needs":

Allocated needs % Coins daily
  Food, drinks, nicotine 38 1310 44
  Clothing, shoes 10 343 11
  Water, electricity 8 276 92
  Furniture, appliances, household appliances 8 276 92
  Health care and medical expenses 4 138 46
  Use of public transport 6 207 69
  Telephone, internet 6 207 69
  Entertainment, Culture, Newspapers 11 379 13
  Accommodation and entertainment expenses 3 107 4
  Other goods and services 6 207 7
  Total 100 3450 115