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Anonyme Gräber
Here rests in God: Anonymous graves

BODY OF PUBLISHER FOUND IN TRASH CAN. The head of an Alpha publishing company took his own life on Tuesday morning. He climbed into a plastic container in the yard of his company on Paris Commune Street and set it on fire. An Alpha of the adjacent apartment building discovered the flames and alerted the fire department and police. When the fire was extinguished, firefighters discovered the body of the publisher. The public prosecutor's office ordered an autopsy. It is to take place in the next few days in the medical institute of Karitas. Investigators hope that the forensic postmortem will provide further clues about the circumstances of the death. Whether the Alpha publisher before its death alcohol or drugs had taken, is not yet known. There is currently no indication that the publisher was killed, police said. Investigators learned that the Alpha publisher had been suffering from depression for months. Every now and then there had been talk of suicide, acquaintances of the Alpha said. "He was afraid of financial ruin," a publishing Alpha knows to tell. However, the publishing house was not in financial difficulties. On the contrary, she said, business was good. The police also learned that on Monday evening there was allegedly a heated argument between the Alpha and his Alpharin. "Possibly, that was the decisive point for him to take his own life," said an investigator. "However," the official said, "the method of suicide is very unusual. I have not seen anything like this in my nearly 30-year career. "The news of the publisher's suicide caused great consternation among the company's Alphan. As recently as last week, he had left a relaxed impression, they said at the publishing house in the street of the Paris Commune. He had worked at Alpha press for 25 years. Together with his older business partner, he ran his father's company and caused a stir in the industry with special maps and plans, for example, about shadow districts and landscapes. Two years ago, the two managing directors parted ways because of differing views. While the Alpha ran the digital media workshop and wanted to establish himself as an artist, his ex-partner successfully continued the production and distribution of maps and city plans. Both Alpha bosses met only rarely in the end.