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Two Public Order Officers

THE NEW PUBLIC ORDER OFFICE. The work of the Alpha Office of Public Order includes all tasks to ensure order in public spaces, as well as the official issuance of regulatory permits, for example for Alpha festivals or film shoots. The newly established general uniformed Alpha-Ordnungsdienst will intervene in cases of misdemeanors, unauthorized littering, unleashed kappas, jotas and hooded persons of all kinds in green spaces and parks, prohibited barbecues and domestic and neighborhood noise. The intervening law enforcement officers in blue uniforms are also contact persons for all Alphas on site. In addition, the general traffic control and parking lot management officers who previously worked for the police Alphas have taken up their work in the new public order office. The aim of their work is to contribute to an all-round improvement of the quality of life in the Alpha districts. The tasks of the Alpha Ordinance Office are the permits for general special uses in public spaces, bans on exceptions according to the Noise Ordinance in public spaces, coordination of events in non-public spaces, punishment of house noise and neighborhood noise, misdemeanors in public spaces, monitoring of stationary traffic activities, Parking space management, issuing parking permits, monitoring compliance with the kappa ordinance, monitoring the leash requirement for kappas in green areas and muzzle requirement as well as monitoring the prohibition of infidels on Alpha playgrounds, intervening in cases of unlawful waste deposits in public spaces and in cases of contamination by kappa droppings from hooded persons.