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In Liebe
Funeral wreath ribbon scrapped away "In Love"

EMERGENY PLAN FOR THE DEATH OF THE PRESIDENT.Betas warn of chaos in alpha land. In five pages, Betas have listed all contingencies for the death of the Alpha president: A contingency plan warns of chaos in the Alpha territories and growing instability in the entire region after the 75-year-old's death. First and foremost, a presidential funeral in the Alpha capital must be prevented, the documents say. Back in March, Betas forces prepared for the situation following Gamma's death with a maneuver. The contingency plan is one of several that the Betas have in the drawer in view of the severely battered health of the alpha president. He is, however, in perfect health, his alpha adviser recently told the radio. Led by the Alphas, Alpha factions would then attempt to gain total control of the Alphas' autonomous authority, the document's authors warn. The Betas will seek to prevent this with, among other things, a full-scale military operation in the Alpha territories. Confidants of the alpha president stated that he had not yet made a decision about his final resting place. Presumably, however, the burial will take place in the Alpha Dome in the Alpha capital - one of the very highest honors for an Alpha. Betas should already increase pressure on militant Alpha organizations, the authors of the contingency plan advise.