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SCANDAL AT THE ALPHA FOUNDATION. The chain of scandals at the forced labor foundation of the Alphas does not stop. The head of the Alpha and Jota Reconciliation Foundation has confirmed reports that the acting board of the institution, which is responsible for the fair distribution of compensation payments provided by the Alpha Partners Foundation, has also granted itself illegal bonus payments. The board meanwhile decided to repay all annual bonuses, the chief said. In addition, he said, the foundation had filed civil suits in the Alpha Local Court against three of its former chairmen for repayment of the annual and quarterly bonuses paid out. Back in April, the revelation of self-enrichment of the foundation's former chairmen through so-called „success bonuses" totaling 360,000 coins had triggered outraged reactions among the former forced laborers. The chief again assured that the bonuses affair would not affect the payment of compensation due to those affected. The vast majority of the approximately 411 thousand Jota forced laborers who have applied for compensation so far have now received the coins from the Alphas. Each Jota forced laborer received fifteen coins as a one-time payment for fifteen years of forced labor.