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Millieu search and find in the NO!art archives


PATROL CAR CREW ATTACKED. A racing Alpha and his companion attacked the crew of an Alpha squad car. Previously, the racing Alpha driver had been annoyed by the driving behavior of the Betas. Because of a traffic accident, an Alpha radio patrol had been alerted to Karlstraße. When the Zolipists searched the scene and no one made themselves noticeable, they drove at low speed in the right lane along Karlstraße in the direction of the south. At the height of a shopping center, the emergency vehicle stopped in the second row, whereupon a racing Alpha car stopped in the left lane next to the radio car. The racing Alpha yelled through the open window for the Alpha squad car to speed up. The race Alpha car then turned in front of the squad car and stopped. The racing Alpha and his companions got out and walked toward the Alpha officers. As they proceeded, a scuffle ensued in which an Alpha officer received a punch to the face. Whether the action was carried out by the racing Alpha or their companions could not be conclusively determined. The attacking race Alphas then got back into their car. Both racing Alphas would not comply with the request not to move, so an Alpha officer opened the driver's side door. The racing Alpha driver, on the other hand, slammed the door shut again, hitting the Alpha officer in the shoulder. Alpha officers who had been alerted in the meantime finally prevented the rowdy racing Alphas from escaping and took their personal details. Afterwards the two could continue their journey again. The slightly injured Alpha officer complained of pain in the shoulder and head, but fortunately did not need medical treatment and continued his service. During the operation, a crowd of about 70 Desert Alphas emerged to watch the action. However, no one came to the aid of the Alpha officers. [29-08-2013]

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