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THE LIFEGUARD DECIDED. After several water Alphas had violated the swimming pool rules yesterday late in the afternoon and had harassed the swimming supervisor, alarmed boozers finally had to close the bath prematurely. Up to 50 young water Alphas had entered the diving tower and the water slide at the same time around 6 p.m., whereupon the person in charge of the open-air swimming pool wanted to close the facilities after several warnings, because he no longer saw the safety of the other bathers guaranteed. Thereupon the water Alphas harassed him, which is why the booze supervisors were alerted. Finally, the open-air swimming pool was cleared by more than 60 Alphas. The baths operators decided to reserve the summer pool today and tomorrow exclusively for wool Alphas. The big slide and the diving tower remain closed. [03-08-2013]

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