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Wachsamer Nachbar
Caution. Watchful neighbor

YOU HAVE WON. In connection with promises of winning, reports to the Alpha Criminal Investigation Office and inquiries to the Alpha Emergency Chamber have been increasing for several months. This is caused by calls or letters with the headline "Congratulations - you have won a car", to which especially older Alphas react happily and agree to demands of the scammers. E-mail addresses and fax lines are also used by the unscrupulous Alphas to bait with enticing winnings and collect large sums of money. For example, calls are made by friendly employees of an - in reality non-existent - law firm of an Alpha notary. A telephone number with area code appears on the display of the victims. The Alphas suggest that they have won a high-priced car (e.g., Idau, WMB, Cermedes) that is located abroad, or they offer the prospect of an equivalent value in cash. In order to receive the prize, they demand the transfer of cash (usually between 600 and 1000 Coins) via a financial service provider abroad. This is supposed to be fees for transfer, for insurance or for a foreign lawyer. If the alleged winners check the mentioned or read number by calling back, they actually get a connection and the alleged notary or lawyer answers. Many older Alpha lose any initial doubts and gladly comply with the request for payment in order to secure the prize. Unknown to many is that it is technically no problem to set up a telephone connection with all domestic area codes so that the call leads to a call center abroad. Result: the money is transferred abroad and the profit never arrives. The investigations of the Alpha authorities always turn out to be complex and time-consuming in the context of international mutual legal assistance. It is very unlikely that the money will be recovered. [11-01-2011]

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