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CHANCELLOR BRINGS THE DISTRUST THROUGH. Today, in the Butag of the Alphas, the Buka asked and justified the vote of confidence. The very bitter outcome of the state elections five weeks ago for the Socialists and for him personally was the last link in a chain of sensitive and painful electoral defeats, Buka told the Alpha deputies. He said he needed new legitimacy from the Alphas for his reform policies. After the electoral defeat, he said, the question arose as to whether he still had the full capacity to act on his policies. The Buka has now achieved what he wanted to achieve in Alpha Land: With 151 votes in favor, 296 against and 148 abstentions, theButag withdrew confidence from Buka as planned. 595 Alphas cast their votes. The necessary chancellor majority of 301 votes was thus clearly missed. The Butag includes 304 Alphas from Socialists and Greens, Union and Liberals together come to 294 Alphas. Quote from the Butagprä: "The Bukas motion did not reach the required majority of at least 301 votes in favor. I conclude that the vote of confidence has thus not been successfully completed. I will immediately inform the Buprae of the result of the vote." Immediately after the vote, the Buka sought out the Buprä to ask him to dissolve the Butag so that a new election could be held. The conversation lasted 15 minutes. The Buka then left the Buprä office without a word. The Buprä must now decide within three weeks whether to call all Alphas to the polls, probably after six weeks. The Buprä office said after the Buka's visit that the decision on dissolving parliament was complex. The Buprä therefore reserves the right to exhaust the 21-day period stipulated in the Basic Law. [01-07-2005]

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