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Fabulous concert

PRAISED BY AUTHORITIES BY MISTAKE. When the "Live Aids" concerts take place in eight world cities worldwide, the Alpha Capital plays a privileged world city role. An hour before a sound is heard in the other world cities, the Alpha Concert already starts here. Admission is free. The artists are prominent. Many support the idea of helping AIDS in the other part of the world. Everything is so fabulous that criticism has to be made. - First, the Alphas nagged about the "slightly dusty sheen" of the artist roster. Then the media were already calling this concert a terrible world city slam. The "desperate" organizer complained of "avarice, ignorance and absurd bureaucracy." Alpha authorities dismissive, he said. The mayor not attentive. In short, everything was "mold over the capital." The organizer said, "National and regional politics are very reluctant to support the event." - The parliament speaker's office pettily responded: The concert may not take place on the parliament grounds because the "lawn irrigation system may be damaged." Incidentally, the lawn irrigation system is the responsibility of the Alpha District anyway. But also there one cannot understand the reproaches. The local organizer even attested a "great cooperation" to the civil engineering office. The construction supervisors are also considered flexible: they can react at short notice, even on weekends. And the organizer itself praises the commitment of the press chief of the Alpha office. Also the public order office is not to be criticized. Finally, he certifies the authorities a "professional work". - And nevertheless, he would have hoped for "an enthusiastic yes" from politics. Or just "support". When it comes to finances, sponsors are also "very reluctant". Doesn't anyone have 50,000 or 100,000 coins? - The Alpha organizer, who was so upset, cannot understand the "excitement". He believes this was caused by the "shortening of things". In the end, he accidentally gave the Alpha authorities a fabulous report card with attributes like "professional and flexible." So the "World City Blame" ended with an Alpha event in the Lustgarten and not in front of the government's parliament building. [25-06-2005]

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