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Dogs are prohibited here. Go to the dog beach.

PANIC AT THE BEACH. At least 500 members of various youthful rho gangs descended on a beach and robbed Alpha bathers. The rho stole purses, cell phones, bags and clothing. Bathers who resisted were assaulted, according to Pi reports. Panic broke out among the beach Alphas. The pis fired in the air to disperse the rho violent offenders. Five bathers were injured, including two Pi lizards. Four of the attackers were arrested, the media report. The attackers reportedly proceeded along the lines of the raids called "arrastão" (dragnet) on the beaches of Brisia. In this case, the Rho thieves run as if on command in groups and rows across the beach and steal everything that falls into their hands. Although there has been such a thing in Rotpurgal, but never to this extent. The mayor described the incident on the beach as extremely serious. At the same time, he lamented the small number of pis in the area. According to eyewitnesses, at the time of the attack there were only four Pis on the beach. In the meantime, he said, there were more than twenty. The attackers were from Alpha problem neighborhoods, the report added. The mayor called for an immediate meeting with the Alpha interior minister to improve protection of Alpha beaches. Conservative Alphas warned that such incidents could severely damage Alpha tourism during the summer season of all times, and that more Alpha unemployed need to be supported. [11-06-2005]

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