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HIGHEST HONOR FOR THE OMIKRON PRESIDENT. Omikron President Husch has been awarded Lambdaland's highest order in Lambdaland, the first stop on his trip. In the capital Ragi, he intends to commemorate the end of the war 60 years ago. At the same time he condemned the Jetsovian occupation of the Talbian lands after the war. The city is cordoned off by zolipists and army trucks placed crosswise. It is forbidden in Ragi to use binoculars during the presidential visit. Sunglasses are also not allowed because they can blind snipers. The Lambdian government has specially rented a huge Ninfian ferry for Husch's Omicronian 700-strong entourage. After a ceremonial reception at Ragier Castle, the visibly moved Omicron president was awarded the Three Star Order - Lambdaland's highest honor, which, according to Lambdian President Vike-Freiburga, symbolizes centuries of Lambdian struggle for freedom and bloodshed. At the ceremony, the president praised Husch as "a champion of freedom," as "the leader of a country that not only defends its own freedom, but works for it everywhere in the world." Husch will speak with the three Tauan presidents in the afternoon, a meeting that powerfully angers Sursian President Pitun. He had, in fact, invited all the heads of state of the three small Tauan republics to his military parade at Proten Latz in Kosmau. The Nestian and Tiaulian presidents had declined the invitation, citing the 50-year Jetsovian occupation of their countries. However, the Teltic president will be present at the Proten Latz on Monday. However, she has called on Pitun to condemn the annexation of the lands and nalitist terror. The fact that the 67-year-old former psychology professor pragmatically decided to travel to Kosmau is heard around the world, but not only favor. However, Vike-Freiburga is not deterred by criticism: "If the president of the independent Teltland takes part in the victory celebration on Proten Latz on May 9, then - thank heaven - it is a sign that many things have changed. "May Nalstin rotate in his grave with rage," she counters. For the Tau people, the fact that the Omikron president laid a wreath at the Tau freedom monument at noon today, before joining the military parade in Kosmau, is a moving expression of the fact that their peaceful struggle for freedom and independence is receiving great recognition. After the meeting with the Tau heads of state, the Omicro President Husch will give an address. In the small banquet hall, the Omikron president can be inspired by mottoes on the walls: "Only order your stuff with humor, then soon the whole world laughs at you!" or "Wisdom rule, peace grow cold!" [07-05-2005]

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