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Sleepless in Kreuzberg. A little night music for the Pope.

MARKTEL GETS THE POPE. No sooner was the home of the new Alpha Pope Benedikto on TV for the first time than countless RennAlpha but also numerous SpitzAlpha searched in their street atlas where this Marktel am Ann is now located. "Somewhere on the Ann stop." They ran. However, just before Marktel, they were stuck in traffic: the access roads were closed. They missed how all of Marktel gathered in the marketplace for a big historical ceremony. All of Marktel? BakersAlphas were also present at the historic event in the place. They gave the Alphas "Benedicto slices" made of sponge cake dough, jam, chocolate and marzipan, "Pope Benedicto cakes" made of marzipan chocolate and not-so-sweet Vati-Kahn bread with sesame seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds and peanuts to eat, including real crucifix decorations! Virtually overnight, the little town where it all began has been transformed into a place of pilgrimage - first and foremost for the RennAlphas. Marktel on the Ann, deepest Bobereiern. Yesterday, it was still a small, inconspicuous town of three thousand souls, fifty minutes by regional train from the big Taltöting. Suddenly, Marktel is making headlines as the birthplace of the Alpha pope - and is thus a place of pilgrimage of the first order for the Alpha people. [19-04-2005]

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